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BeNice - - Keep Score for Good Behavior

by admaDIC / Rainer Schwarze

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BeNice keeps score of bonus points for good behavior.

Give points for being nice or - if you must - take away points for being not nice. Let your children see their growing score with good behavior. Turn plus points into reward points; for instance give out some extra candy for 100 points. Move the 100 points to the reward points.

You want to reward your children for good behaviour?


  • Add or subtract points (a person can have 0 to 1000 points)
  • Add details (descriptions like "Cleaned table")
  • Set icons for entries
  • Keeps history of recent descriptions
  • Person starts with score 50
  • Reward points (a person can have 0 to 1'000'000 reward points)
  • 100 Reward points give a gold star
  • Track score for many persons
  • Set icons or custom pictures for persons

This software uses icons from Icons8. (


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